The Walker Mower was designed to meet a need, not to fill a market. No focus groups or market surveys were conducted. Simply put, Walker Mowers are built to mow landscaped properties efficiently while leaving a gentle footprint and beautifully cut turf behind. This is what we do here at Walker; this is what our people pour their lives into; this is what we are known for in the power equipment industry.



  • Model S Mowers


    The Model S is the quintessential Walker Mower. Inspired by the original 1977 prototype, the Model S is simple and easy to operate, and very efficient at mowing residential properties. With Walker's Grass Handling System, a patented Thru-Shaft PTO blower design, and reduced weight and cost, the Model S is the perfect entry-level mower for experiencing Walker's signature beautiful cut and zero-turn productivity.

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  • Model C Mower


    The Model C is simple, light weight, and features components that keep it narrow and compact. Operators can quickly get in and out of places that are simply inaccessible with other mowers. Tight corners, overhanging obstacles, gates, and narrow strips of grass are no problem for the Model C.

    The Model C includes Walker’s Grass Handling System® (GHS) with a 10.5 inch high-speed blower and 7.0 bushel grass catcher with PowerFil® oscillating chute and Grass-Pak® full signal. The GHS system, combined with tilt-open bodies, tilt-up decks, precision steering and handling, and Kohler Command Pro engines, make lawn maintenance with the Model C easy and enjoyable.

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  • Model T Mowers


    With multiple engine choices catering to specific commercial needs—and compatibility with virtually every Walker deck and add-on, the Model T provides unmatched versatility and year-round value. The Model T is equipped with a large, 10 bushel (12.4 cu. ft.) GHS grass catcher that allows extended mowing time between dumping. Like every Walker, the Model T features dual, independent hydrostatic transmissions, precision steering levers, and a separate Forward Speed Control providing precise, constant forward motion.

    No other mower steers like a Walker, providing agile, zero-turn mowing with fingertip control and efficiency—all with the signature clean, manicured cut the Walker Mower. For operators wanting a single machine that will handle the toughest property maintenance challenges, the Model T is the solution.

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  • Model D Mowers


    The Model D is designed with the same footprint as the Model T, making it compact and capable of mowing both small and large properties while also boasting a transverse mounted, 3 cylinder diesel engine and liquid cooling. A self-cleaning, reversing radiator fan keeps the Model D cool and efficient even in the toughest conditions. Weighing in just under 1,200 lbs, the Model D is one of the lightest diesel-equipped commercial mowers on the market.

    This protects the turf from matting and rutting, while allowing the Model D to remain well-balanced and agile. Compatible with nearly all Walker mowing decks and add-ons, the Model D is a favorite with municipalities and institutional customers. A non-collection version without the GHS blower and Grass Catcher is also available. The non-collection model features a utility dump-bed in place of the grass catcher.

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  • Model R Mowers


    The Model R has been specifically designed to meet the high standards of residential owners. It delivers essential attributes like ease of use, high quality of cut (especially on complex, difficult properties), operator comfort, reliability, and easy maintenance. The Model R features an integrated deck design available in 42 and 48 inch cutting widths. The deck rests on independent articulating deck arms, allowing it to freely flex up and down, minimizing scalping and uncut areas of grass. 

    The torsion-flex carrier frame also allows the deck to flex side-to-side, so no matter the terrain, the Model R delivers a smooth premium cut. The Model R can be fitted with an optional mulching kit that includes bolt-in baffles and serrated mulching blades. A side-mounted grass catcher is also available for the Model R. The Model R is priced for residential owners thanks to its simplified design and components. It is a premium Walker Mower designed to provide fast, easy, beautiful mowing for years to come.

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  • Model B Mower


    Like no other mower in the mid-size, zero-turn class, the Model B is productive and compact. The Model B possesses the distinct Walker characteristics of being agile, versatile, and easily maintainable while delivering the Walker beautiful cut. The Model B is light on the turf, which not only protects against rutting and other property damage, but also improves efficiency by reducing lost motion and giving quick maneuverability. With a low center of gravity and balanced design, the Model B is agile and demonstrates impressive hillside performance, allowing operators to mow more places with a single machine.

    With interchangeable decks, attachments, and add-ons like LED headlights and a Utility Bed, the Model B is a productive and versatile year-round machine. Available in two unique configurations with a variety of power options, there is a Model B suitable for any situation.

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  • Model H Mower

    The Model H is a high capacity machine that offers four engine options and efficient machine design for overall fuel, time, and operating cost savings. With larger 23 inch drive tires, Hydro-Gear ZT3400 transmissions, and Walker’s precise steering system with Forward Speed Control, the Model H is fast and maneuverable, with easy operation. Three Model H-specific decks feature an integrated deck height adjuster with cutting height up to 5 inches with standard Tilt-Up functionality.

    Also, an optional Power Tilt-Up® deck lift is available for ease of maintenance, storage, and operation. The Model H features 9.4 gallons of total fuel capacity, a standard Grammer Suspension Seat, dual spread tailwheels with Walker’s puncture-resistant caster tires, and adjustable footrests. Operators can mow all day in comfort, even in rough mowing terrain.

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  • Collection Decks


    Each collection deck has a two-blade design with timed gearboxes turning the blades in a counter-rotating direction (both blades moving toward the center of the deck from the front) or reverse rotation (blades moving forward and circulating material to the back of the deck for collection in the discharge chute) on "R" decks. Collection decks are compatible with Walker Grass Handling (GHS) models S, C, T, and D and are designed specifically to catch grass and debris.

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  • Discharge Decks


    Walker discharge decks are designed to cleanly and evenly discharge cut grass from under the deck housing. For models B, S, C, T and D, decks use timed gearbox decks with two, three or four blades, except for three belt-drive decks—S42B, S52, S62. Two decks are built specifically for the Model H; R52 and S60.

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  • Mulching Decks


    Walker mulching decks are designed to efficiently handle cut material and return it to the turf leaving a beautiful, clean cut. With deck sizes or kits ranging from 36 inches up to 52 inches for B, S, C, T, and D-series tractors, there is a mulching option to fit most needs. H-series tractors can also mulch when a 60-inch mulch kit is installed.

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