Tree Care

Pro-Green Total Lawn Care, Inc. provides the professional tree service you expect!


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  • Licensed to remove, trim or spray in: Great Bend, Larned, Ellinwood and Hoisington
  • Complete Tree Removal: Pro-Green has all the necessary equipment to safely remove any size tree with bucket truck access.
  • Trimming and Shaping: We can remove dead, broken or fractured limbs. Trim heavy growth sections to re-shape the tree and raise the bottom canopy to an even height. We recommend removing no more than 1/3 of the live growth at one time.
  • Complete Stump Removal: Includes grinding 6-12" below ground level, removal of grindings and replace top soil.
  • Deep Root Fertilizing: Available in early spring and late fall. Benefits can include rapid growth, better foliage cover, improved health and faster recovery from pest problems, pruning or injury.
  • Tree and Ornamental Spraying: Treatments for pest problems including bagworms, all other insects, spidermites or fungus related problems.
  • Ornamental Landscape Trimming: Includes bush, shrub, small tree trimming and shaping. We recommend light trimming 3 times annually.
  • Pre-Emergent in Landscape Beds: Commercial product, requires 2-3 applications in early spring and flush growth period.

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