Core aeration is the process of removing soil plugs using hollow tines. Aeration will help create passageways that allow oxygen, nutrients and water to move freely into your soil. It is one of the most beneficial and often overlooked treatments for your lawn. Aeration increases oxygen into the soil, reduces water runoff and pooling, relieves compaction, improves water and fertilizer absorption, increases heat and drought tolerance, helps eliminate thatch, and helps prevent fungus and insect problems. We recommend aerating cool season grasses in March, April, or September. Warm season grasses typically react better from late May thought July.

Power Raking

Power raking is the process of removing dead grass build-up from your lawn. Excessive thatch prevents water, fertilizer, insecticides, etc, from properly moving to the root zone. It can also cause a hiding place for insects to live. Power raking wil create room for water and nutrients to get under the soil surface. It will also make room for new grass to grow, resulting in a healthier looking lawn. There are a few positive effects of a thin thatch layer (1/8 to 1/2 inch) such as minimizing soil compaction, locking in moisture, and acting as a turf cushion. However, a thatch layer that is too thick (over 1/2") can cause all of the negative effects discussed above.

Industrial Weed Control

Pro-Green offers industrial weed control services. This service targets total vegetation control for industrial and commercial properties. Excessive plant growth in these areas can cause safety hazards or become harmful to the environment. We recommend applications anytime from January through March for annual control.

Lawn Renovation

Pro-Green offers lawn renovations of all sizes. A full lawn renovation typically starts with 5 applications of Round-Up to completely eliminate the growth of any unwanted existing grass/vegetation throughout the growing season. Next, we complete all necessary dirt/grade work and removal of debris needed to start with the correct height and consistency for a new lawn. As explained in our irrigation section, a complete underground irrigation system (for any size property) would be installed. The final steps include finishing touches to the grade level and your choice of new grass type. We have seeding equipment for all sizes of properties and sod installation is an option as well!

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